The BRONZE AGE (around the 2nd Millennium BC)
With the improvement of method of production, there are new tools made of copper and bronze. Occurs the first major social division of labor, increasing wealth inequality. Then the craft…

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The space of the Gothic Cathedral
Romanesque cathedrals are majestic and simple. Their huge, strong and, maybe, even a little severe internal space set to a festive thought. The space of the Gothic Cathedral always amazed…

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Is it possible to build a house without a Foundation?

One of the main requirements to build a house without foundations is the presence of hard and loose soil. Of course, in some cases can this requirement be ignored, but then the technology of construction of houses will be much more difficult.

Variants of construction of the house without Foundation a lot, here are just some of the existing:

frame technology

The frame is a relatively easy construction. With this technology around the world collected a lot of homes. In the construction of houses on frame technology necessary to provide additional reinforcement, however, despite this work will cost is still cheaper classic Foundation.


Very interesting solution is the Foundation of automobile tires. In this case, escapes the pit depth of not more than 40 cm, the bottom is placed a sand cushion thickness of about 20 cm and a gravel layer 20 cm gravel On the stacked tires and then goes to sleep sifted wet sand. Built on the Foundation of this alternative should be of small size, but will be able to last about 50 years.

house in the boulders

This alternative type of Foundation is used in areas with rocky soil, in the highlands. Homes in the boulders are quite stable, stone Foundation has a number of advantages of conventional classic Foundation. This is a very cheap variant of the Foundation,as the material can not buy. Large stones are laid at the corners and along the long walls. Ventilating openings, they are assembled from boards and covered with soil. House with the ground is able to stand for very many years, and the Foundation did not lose strength and does not rot.

the house on the ground

There are houses that are built directly on the ground. For this purpose it is necessary to make some preparations, namely, to remove a small layer of soil, tamping and lay on the bottom of the clay layer, it will accomplish the task of waterproofing. The frame is mounted directly on the clay.

brickwork is the Foundation

There is an option to make the brickwork instead of Foundation. Enough to make the laying of quality bricks. In fact, are erected the columns, and bearing.

So, to answer Your question we can confidently answer “Yes, building a house without foundations is possible.” But how much such a house will last will depend on the type of soil and quality of the work performed in the construction of such a house.