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Most mystical places in Ukraine

Such tourism like visiting mysterious places , recently starting to gain popularity. And after all, how many uncharted trails in Ukraine, mysterious places in this country, of which just captures the spirit of every traveler.

Most mystical places located in Western Ukraine. This mysterious castles, abandoned town hall, the ancient and unexplored to the present time… the Carpathian caves, this place just breathes with mysteries and legends. In addition, there is to date live different wizards, healers, known as the molfars, who are able to predict not only the fate, but can change its course for humans, especially when they turn to the forces of nature. In fact, probably no wonder, such a mysterious people found in present popularity.

Castles Of Transcarpathia

In the regional center of the region, Uzhhorod has a wonderful castle, which is a stone building of the XI century and it is famous for a Ghost girl that wanders within its walls. According to the legend, the daughter of one of the commandants of the city out to the enemy and gave him some secrets of the local caves, and the girl’s father did not this to heart and live immured within the walls of this castle. It is from the time the cheater and walks through the dark corridors, looking for his reassurance and forgiveness. By the way, many tourists who visited the castle, say, and saw this beauty in dark stone amygdalina and the corners of Uzhgorod castle .

Another interesting and beautiful gem of Transcarpathia is considered Mukachevo castle – Palanok . This ancient building, which is located at a height of 68 meters on the mountain of volcanic origin. According to the legend, this castle in ancient times was located on the right Bank of the river Latoritsa, and then his evil power moved together with the mount on its flat shore to the left…

Masterpieces Of Lviv

In the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine also has many monuments of architecture, as Lviv itself is a historic city. Here every tourist in the first place, it is recommended to visit the Dominican Cathedral is a large building in the Baroque style. In the dungeon, after cleaning it, it also works wonders. The stories of local residents in the midnight here permanently otpevala religious service, and loudly. In addition, the libraries of the temples from the shelves often themselves begin to fall books… And here the locals say it’s the result of bringing a Dominican monk who lived here in the dungeon until he awoke here.

Near the city of Lviv, is another interesting castle Pidhirtsi . It also has some of its mystery and its inhabitants. And best of all these legends to listen to yourself and look at these ancient attractions, which can be seen, namely in their mysticism.

Ostrog of Rivne region

Jail is a very ancient city, there are also many dungeons is an extremely extensive system of underground structures that were created in IX century. Anyone who decides to tour in Ostrog, in the first place, it is recommended to visit the Ostrog castle . where now saved the well, by which they descended into the earth. Of course, many wanted to know the mystery of this well – dungeons, but anyone who has descended to its depth it went. And legend it is, has sentenced a young man to death, and if he is with this dungeon comes back, he will be pardoned. By the way, according to legend, a young guy was tied up and thrown into the well, and after some time, when he did begin to move, pulled him out, but he was already gray-haired old man. And nobody wanted to tell what happened to him in the dungeon.

A lot of interesting places, stories, ancient monuments, castles you can visit in Western Ukraine. All (almost) they are mysterious, interesting and beautiful, should just tune in and come to see this beauty and compare it with the present realities, to admire the surrounding nature, to see the lives of their ancestors with their historical places. After such excursions, each trip will be interesting and informative, especially when you consider that mystical tourism has become very popular nowadays.