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The Church Of The Transfiguration

Picturesque village (and the city with the Magdeburg law) War lies with the highway Cherkassy-Kanev 30 km from the regional center. Unique terrain, where spreads the village is flat, partly swampy valley where the Robins and Moshny changes dramatically mountainous (up to 202 m) long ridge — Monogramy — here the first glacier in the last ice age. In Monohoro in the 19th century the owners of these lands Vorontsov ordered to build a large Park in the English style, to adorn his pavilions, rotundas, a high tower of Svyatoslav, and at the foot of the mountain is a luxurious Palace and even a zoo on the other side of the ridge — complex Sosnogorskogo ascension monastery. But the turbulent 20th century with its revolutions and wars did not spare either the Palace or the convent or the tower with the rotundas.

However, War has not ceased to be an interesting tourist attraction, because of the tireless count Vorontsov and his family in the village remained other architectural attractions, among which the main, one of the most interesting and unexpected sacred sites in Ukraine is the Church of the Transfiguration contained virtually in the heart of this rather big village.

It is by order of Vorontsov by architect Giorgio Odessa Torricelli built the present main architectural dominant Moson — Transfiguration Church (built in the period from 1830 to 1840)

The architecture of the Church combines the Romanesque and the Gothic Tudor elements, and corresponds to the trends in the adoption of eclecticism (a Hodge-podge of architectural styles, a technique typical of the 19th century).

A Church of stone, of Basilica type with a transept. Above the pews stands a tall, square bell tower in style the Western Gothic, crowned with a small dome and decorative towers at the corners.

Central bath is based on an octagonal zentralkomitee, to which on three sides joining the faceted lugs-chapel, in turn surmounted by probename. Same performance-the chapel, only smaller adjacent to the outer walls of the nave. The facades of the Church and bell tower complete with a notched parapets, each corner of the building is crowned with a high ornamental columns, topped with small domes. The Windows and doors of the building is Gothic in form.

Unlike the exterior, the interior of the Church is austere.

Transfiguration Church architectural details such Alupka Vorontsov Palace (no wonder the famous “Vorontsovka” in Alupka was built by craftsmen from Moson — the same as were builders of the Church?). It’s good and catches the eye of one who arrives for the first time in Moson.

However, less known interesting fact is that the Church of the Transfiguration in the Church of Moson has a twin (though much smaller) — the Church of St. John Chrysostom on Polikurovsky hill in Yalta (also built by the project of Torricelli).

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