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The most mystical and mysterious tourist routes


The rest is a relative thing and individual. And among tourists there are certainly those for whom the city is banal and uninteresting pastime. But to visit places, thrilling mystical events, or go the mysterious route, it was a lesson worthy of the holiday.

In many countries of the world there are haunted castles, hotels killers or paranormal areas, they attract the bravest and most foolhardy of adventurers. Let’s visit the most mystical and mysterious places of the planet. Unforgettable impressions and the adrenaline rush is provided to all without exception!

Hockomock swamp and Freetown forest

Location: Massachusetts, USA

Admission is free.

Hockomock swamp and Freetown forest in Massachusetts is one of the lines in the ranking of the ten most mystical places of the United States. These two places are in the centre of the famous “Bridzhuoterskaya triangle” that is formed by three American cities: Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown. This zone showed the highest concentration of mysterious and unexplained phenomena such as ghosts, UFOs and mysterious lights in the sky. The tourists, hoping to see something unusual, you can rent a room in one of the cities “Bridzhuoterskaya” and at night to go to the swamp or forest in search of ghosts.

Cemetery “St. Louis”

Location: New Orleans, USA

The burial place in St. Louis though is only the penultimate position in the list of the ten most mysterious and terrifying places, but it is one of the few that actually can see a Ghost. Moreover, the spirit can be summoned independently, putting on the tombstone of Marie Laveau a glass of rum and an expensive cigar. The cast will not hesitate to reveal himself to light, to accept the gifts.

Also “Ghostbusters” have the opportunity to visit the ainsley House, which was once a military hospital, and the house of General Pierre Beauregard, where, according to witnesses, inhabited by spirits.

Castle Rožmberk

Location: Czech Republic

Admission: 170 CZK

Rožmberk castle was built in the 13th century on the banks of the river Vitaly the knights of rožmberk. More than a hundred years he was a regular residence for the knight’s family, until in 1449, Ulrich Rozmberk, which in those days belonged to the castle, gave only twelve-year-old daughter Parto married to a cruel sadist. A man in every way tormented the girl, and before his death, prayed her forgiveness, to rest his soul. Perchta husband refused last will, for which he cursed her. After the girl’s death, the castle appeared in the Ghost “white lady”, which causes no evil, but only a harbinger of different events. When she appears in a black outfit, it means someone’s death. On ordinary days the clothes of the Ghost glows white. One day, a lady was brought before the residents in the red outfit, after which the castle was possessed by a horrific fire.

To spend the night in the castle tourists are not allowed, but even during visiting day, a dose of “tingling skin” is provided.

The Castle Of Glamis

Location: Scotland

Input: 10-15 pounds

Britain is famous for its mysterious castles. One of the most famous is the Scottish castle of Glamis, which is home to not one but a dozen spirits. The legend says that in the distant past, when the clans of Lindsay and Ogilvie tochilas brutal war, a group of soldiers begged me to hide them in the castle of Glamis. The owner let them, but in fear of the revenge of the enemies clan, locked the refugees in one of the rooms of his house. Several decades to the door no one came and did not dare to open it. After some time, the inhabitants of the castle heard the ominous beats that came out of the room. When it finally opened, it was found only bones.

Since that time banging on the door repeated again and again, telling us that the spirits of the refugees still trying to get out. Sometimes in the castle see the Ghost and lady in red, which is similar to the late lady Glamis who was burnt at the stake for practicing magic. A truly mystical place!

Bran Castle

Location: Romania

Entrance: 20 lei ($2)

Bran castle has become the most popular tourist destination in Romania, because in the 14th century it was inhabited by the legendary count Vlad Dracula. The castle was built in the mountains as a fortress for defense against the Turkish army. Every year the castle attracts tourists from all over Europe who want to see the house of the most famous vampire in the world.

Day is the stunning medieval castle with white towers and great halls, and at night the castle takes on a sinister color of blood stirring. Here life the legends about vampires.

In the dark time trips not carried out. Only in the night of Halloween, tourists can plunge into the sinister atmosphere of the castle.

House Whistler

Location: California, USA

Cost: $20-35

In the mid-19th century, Oliver Fisher Winchester who manufactured the clothes, decided to change the direction of its activities and manufacturing of rifles and shotguns, which have earned the Winchester’s popularity around the world. But for glory he paid a family curse. Died suddenly Sam Winchester, followed by his son and granddaughter. In despair, sister-in-law arms magnate turned to the medium who advised her to leave town and build a house for the ghosts of those who died from weapons of Winchester.

The woman was afraid that once the house construction is finished, the spirits will take her with me. So Mrs. Winchester was rebuilt ominous cottage. Thus, it has a creepy door leading into a dead end, stairs at the ceiling, miniature rooms and mazes of walls. There are in total 150 rooms, which are annually visited by tourists.

Even without ghosts, the house is a very creepy place, just for the thrill.

Brissac Castle

Location: Brissac-Quincé, France

Entrance €4.50 – 9.00

French Chateau Brissac keeps a history of terrible murders. In the 15th century, the owner of the manor of Jacques de Breze found his wife Charlotte in the arms of

lover. Aristocrat, mad with jealousy, grabbed a sword and killed the traitor and her lover in bed. The Jacques was taken into custody, and Brissac castle was empty. Over time it settled the Ghost of Charlotte, which is popularly called “lady in green”. Is it only the men, Recalling that still remains the mistress of the castle. But the Ghost of her lover only comes to girls.

Special daredevils, there is an entertainment programme that costs €390. It includes a night in one of the bedrooms of the manor. The Ghost of Charlotte will surely visit you, to personally witness their hospitality.

The lighthouse at Cape Hicks

Location: Australia

Entry by arrangement

The highest lighthouse in Australia, which is located at Cape Hicks, attracts tourists with not only magnificent views of the ocean, but also for its mystical history.

In 1947, for the first time the public was disturbed by the news about the mysterious disappearance of a lighthouse Keeper, who went to sea fishing and never returned. The new caretaker from time to time hears eerie footsteps and sighs. A Ghost sometimes even polishes the door handles on the lighthouse.

For 100-330 us dollars, tourists can spend the night in the house near the lighthouse or tent, and personally convinced of the existence of ghosts.

Myrtles plantation

Location: Louisiana, USA

Admission is $4-10

In 1796, in the U.S. state of Louisiana General Dave Bradford had built for his family home that now locals have dubbed “the haunted house”. The General was maid Chloe, which he cut off the ear that the girl wasn’t listening at the masters. To avenge the master, the slave poisoned pie. This evening Bradford had not touched the food, but his wife and daughter with an appetite ate the cake and died muchitelno death. Distraught with grief, the slaves killed Chloe. Her spirit, like the Ghost of the wife and daughters of the General, wandering around the plantation, are the guests of the house of mirrors, chasing tourists and, from time to time, of furniture find traces of their hands.

For a fee of $ 100, tourists can rent a room and stay for some time in the haunted house.

Hotel Stanley

Location: Colorado, USA

Night per day $169-339

The famous mystic film by American Director Stanley Kubrick’s “the Shining” is still the creepiest film of all time. But to output it to the screen, the audience saw the series that was filmed in the Stanley hotel, which inspired Stephen king to create the book “Shine”.

Mystic hotel’s history began with the complaints of the attendants, who heard in empty halls the noise and merriment of the guests. Guests noticed the Ghost of a musician who plays piano, and occasionally will children’s laughter or drop of items.

Owners used paranormal activity for commercial purposes and even allocated a few rooms, where often there are all sorts of mysterious things. Heated up the atmosphere on closed-circuit television to show the film Kubrick’s “the Shining”.

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