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The Mystery Of Stonehenge

Stonehenge (Engl. Stonehenge, lit. “stone henges”) — a UNESCO world heritage stone megalithic structure (cromlech) on Salisbury plain in Wiltshire (England). Is about 130 km South-West of London.

A gigantic construction of Stonehenge is the stone Enigma in the very center of Europe, called this amazing monument is one of the researchers Dr. Omlor Trever. This ancient building, situated in England, Now archaeologists agreed that this architectural monument built in three stages between 3500 and 1100 BC

Stonehenge is a system of concentric circles with a diameter of more than a hundred meters, delineated the shafts, holes and large stones-megaliths. The stone blocks form the arches, which served as a perfect indicator of the world.

A circular ditch with two rooms, probably served as a cemetery. In a circle along the outer shaft located 56 small funeral “Aubrey holes”, named after John Aubrey, who first described them in the XVII century. To the North-East of the entrance to the ring was huge, seven-Heel stone. During the construction of Stonehenge was built earthen walkway between the Heel stone and the entrance. Have been erected two rings of 80 huge boulders of blue color, which probably were brought over 320 km from South Wales. No need to say that transportation of giant stone blocks required extraordinary effort.

At the final stage of construction was carried permutation megaliths. Blue stones replaced the circular colonnade of 30 trilithons, each of which consisted of two upright stones and build them on a horizontal plate. Inside the ring was a horseshoe of five detached trilithons.

Overall, Stonehenge is a structure of 82 five-ton megaliths, 30 stone blocks, each weighing 25 tons and 5 huge so-called trilithons, stones, weighing up to 50 tons. The stone blocks form the arches, which served as a perfect indicator of the world. Until recently, scientists assumed that this monument was constructed in 3100 BC who lived in the British Isles by tribes to observe the Sun and Moon. But the latest data of modern science make us reconsider many of the conclusions of the researchers.

At the end of 1994 Professor of the University of Wales, David Bowen using the newest method determined the age of Stonehenge. It turned out that he is 140 000 years. Why would ancient people need to make great efforts on cutting, complex transportation and processing of solid blocks their incredible precision installation in strict order? The answer to this question yet.

The famous astronomer Fred Hoyle, after examining all the geometric features of Stonehenge, determined that the creators of this facility knew the exact orbital period of the moon and the length of the solar year. According to the findings of other researchers, the wells inside the circle formed by stone blocks, precisely indicate the trajectory of the celestial Pole 12-30 thousand years ago!

In 1998 scientists-astronomers recreated by computer original form of Stonehenge and conducted different surveys. Their findings were shocking to many. It turns out that this ancient monolith is not only a solar and lunar calendar, as previously thought, but is an exact model of the solar system in cross section. According to this model, the solar system consists not of nine but of twelve planets, two of which are located beyond the orbit of Pluto (the last of the currently known nine planets), and another one between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter where now is the asteroid belt. In principle, this model confirms the assumption of modern astronomy and is consistent with the views of many ancient peoples also believed that the number of planets in our solar system equal to twelve.

A characteristic of all ancient megaliths, is their unusually high earthquake resistance. Studies have shown that when the construction was used a special platform, mitigating or completely extinguishing the tremors. On these platforms the majority of all ancient structures. In addition, foundations are almost no “shrinkage of soil”, which inevitably occurs during modern construction.

Scientists still do not know who and for what purpose erected a grandiose astronomic Observatory in the heart of Ireland. But after thorough research it became clear that to ascribe the construction of this huge “megalith” to the ancient tribes of the druids who lived in Ireland in those days, is simply unreasonable. Certainly one thing, whoever the ancient builders, they possessed great knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, Geology and architecture. And when you consider that the Grand monuments and structures in historic times were erected practically all over the world, we can conclude that we, modern people know almost nothing about their own history.

In the meantime, scientists are studying this ancient monument, Stonehenge continues to live his life in folklore. According to local legend, the giant blue stones have healing powers, they appeared on this earth by the wizard Merlin, the magician at the court of king Arthur, who brought them from Ireland, famous cluster of sacred sources. He constructed a simple device, having laid the stones with them easily and quickly, which surprised all present, who could not be moved. It is believed that Merlin is buried on the North-Western coast of the Peninsula of Cornwall at the once majestic temple, which was connected by underground tunnel at Stonehenge.

The origin of the huge Heelstone has something to do with another legend. They say that once saw the devil hiding among the stones of a monk. Before the unfortunate managed to escape the devil threw a huge boulder that crushed his heel. For a long time Stonehenge was associated with the priestly cult of ancient druids, although experts believe it is not true.

Russian scientist, engineer and mathematician, candidate of technical Sciences Andrey Zlobin found and is ready to prove to anyone that Stonehenge is a kind of computer. Logical cell in her stones and rings. Established according to certain laws, they, among other things, model the basic equations of mathematical physics: Laplace equation, diffusion equation and the equation describing wave processes.

Thus, the hypothesis Andrey Zlobin, Stonehenge is a means of transmission of messages left to people. Left to staring at a specific point in time when mankind has enough knowledge to decrypt it.

Probably those are right who say that Stonehenge is an iconic building for sacrifices. Right and those who referred to the complex astronomical instrument. But the rights and Zlobin, discovered in the Stonehenge new knowledge. After all, exactly the same computer it is possible to hammer in nails, you can multiply five by six. But you can extract the information embedded in his memory.

Stonehenge was a lot said, but much remains to be find out and solve the riddle of the structure, which now I want to include in the list of “New seven wonders of the world”.

Perhaps, a rough elegance and subtlety of the science of Stonehenge prove that our planet was once populated by developed beings who perished in the result of a natural disaster, a plague or climate change.