Founded in the year 1044 by Prince Yaroslav . Novgorod Kremlin — the oldest surviving in Russia Kremlins. The history of the first Novgorod fortress dates back to the mid…

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Is it possible to build a house without a Foundation?
One of the main requirements to build a house without foundations is the presence of hard and loose soil. Of course, in some cases can this requirement be ignored, but…

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Cyclopean structures of antiquity

Not far from the ancient Rauza in the wilderness of the forest… there is a wonderful place – these are the ruins of some historical buildings, which consumed the stones of great magnitude, taken, apparently, from afar, because close to the stone brittle. The building was listed on the large space and tiled to half of the Windows; around at a considerable distance are the same large stones, and some of them are scattered in the same direction, towards the building field. The antiquity of this building show the century-old trees, growing within her, and long moss-grown wall. People’s imagination inhabits this mysterious place of spirits, calling it “devil’s ancient settlement”.

In the late nineteenth century the correspondent of “Kaluga gubernia news” visited devil’s Fort and also saw on the hill cyclopean construction of giant stones:

The road went first, ordinary dense forest, then opened up before us a valley with a ditch at the bottom, and after SIM the steep ascent of a high mountain…. On the way to the mountain we come across the unusual size of the stones. Climbing, or rather scarykiuys higher up the mountain, on the cliff we saw a big komennoista, covered with moss on the sides and trees at the top. At first glance shows that this construction has existed since time immemorial, but now there were the semblance of a house. Wall composed of huge stones. On the right side of this wall appears to be some kind of a porch. Under the house, or rather, wall, is a cave with two exits, one of which, according to tradition, goes to the Good of the monastery that lihvina. The place where this building is located in the middle of nowhere, far from any habitation, except for forest watch-boxes. During the inspection of the “settlement” unwittingly takes thought and puzzled how it was possible to build a wall of rocks, from which to raise everyone seems unable of a thousand people before they strike their incredible value. The same stones in disarray scattered about the walls.

For many years studying the ruins of this ancient structure is involved Andrey perepelitsyn and his colleagues. According to witnesses interviewed by researchers, only half a century ago on the hill of the ancient Settlement there were huge stones “in the house” and gallery from the same stones. The ruins were hidden by an artificial underground corridors, which formed under the hill a vast maze. Currently this building is completely destroyed. On top of a hill scattered boulders of Sandstone, preserved earthworks, and in rocky cliffs, there are only shallow caves. According to the testimony of local residents, after the war the Fort was carried out blasting operations, the local administration does not confirm these data. Who so savagely destroyed the old building and why, is unknown. Probably the walls or underground corridors of devil’s Fort kept a secret, shedding light on the events of our ancient past that do not correspond to the modern history textbooks.


PRIOKSKAYA GAZETA, №6, February 28,

In the archaeological reports mentioned the presence of as shown by the authors of 1 century of the settlement (R.; iv – vii centuries), but no stone structures on it were not mentioned, except for a small stone-casacinema. However, interviews with old residents of the surrounding villages allowed to unambiguously identify the incredible fact that in the 1930s the Damn city was conducted a large-scale, but not officially documented quarrying, during which were destroyed and really existing on the site of the settlement construction of the huge polished stone. Recently from anonymous sources we have learned about the excavation of “black archeologists” who discovered due to illegal excavations that the site was captured by the Khazars in the early middle ages in the large-scale battles.

Damn Town is a settlement in the truest sense – excavations have shown that in early BC there was a fortified settlement. Still can be seen on top of a hill a rampart and ditch, veiled doorway and ancient roads.

Description “THURS” of the past century are very different from the modern one. People of the nineteenth century saw not just a chaotic conglomeration of stones, and artificial construction, located on top of the mountain. In the book “Church History in the territory of Kaluga province” read; “. the building (great stones) is laid before the middle of the window. Around lie the same rocks, and some of them are scattered in the same direction, towards building the field”. Unfortunately, such descriptions with diagrams and dimensions of this building still could not be found. However, two sources of the end of the last century equally describe standing on top of a hill “like a house”. Its walls were made of giant stones, inside and around them were trees, and to one side was attached to something “like the porch’ also from large stones. Right under the building there was a deep cave with long passages, which, according to legend, stretched as far as the Good of the monastery that under G. Lihvin.

So, according to the memoirs of one of staroselec looked “stone wall” at the site of the settlement until the 1930s, when the stones were blown up on the gravel.

And upper Playground looks like now.

The author of “Kaluga gubernia Gazette”, wrote in 1891: “. To assume that any native cannot, because it is clear that the construction made by means of artificial forces.”

Incredibly, all interested persons and organizations in Kaluga don’t know anything about mining stone at a Damn, the last time was undertaken in the early 50-ies. Documents about no permission to work were not given, therefore, was not. All the old residents of the surrounding villages, not saying a word tell us that when the construction took a stone, thence, the construction Department decided to take it on a Larger settlement. Laid the charges, blew them up, took a few tractor trolley of stone, suddenly it’s showing the initiative to stop: it turned out that the stone for production of crushed stone is not suitable. Managed to find quite a lot of people who worked on quarrying – all of them employees of grass roots: the bulldozer driver, foreman, Forester, working.

What was, in their words, “Damn” before its final destruction? Huge stones, the size of a house standing on a hill and is surrounded by a ring ditch. Told about the stone the ring of standing stones at its foot, a stone Avenue leading from the hill. Almost all the interviewees remember extensive underground corridors form a complex maze, they were deep into the mountains and seems to have been cut artificially. Their height was two meters, but to go underground until the end could not be anyone – the reason for it was not only fear, but also a poisonous gas that filled the depths. But witnesses remember stone tables and benches, steps. leading down.

Nothing to do with the existing small grotto old dungeons had no input in them was below. Recently found old-timers who claimed that the bombings of forty years ago is nothing compared to the works of the thirties, when within half a year of tracts was taken the stone for the construction of the railway. There are indications that they took the Sandstone from “THURS” and even earlier – in the beginning of the century.