Peru and Bolivia long before the Incas
Another type of masonry, which attracted our attention in Cusco, has left a very ambiguous impression. This clutch of relatively small (although sometimes reach hundreds of kilograms) of mainly rectangular…

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Gothic architecture.
Architecture is the art of creating masterpieces, among which we live and which we admire every day. We pass by, not knowing how much effort, knowledge and talent invested in…

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The stained glass Windows of Gothic cathedrals

“Sculpture of the Romanesque style” – Why? DONJON – the main tower of the castle, home of the feudal Lord. Robert. Diagram of a medieval castle – city. Capstone. The Basilisk, who kills with a glance, symbolizes death. The most important sign of Romanesque sculpture – conditional. Romanesque sculpture has opened new sides of reality – the images of the monstrous and ugly.

“Architecture” – Checking of mastering of a material. The Architecture Of Ancient Greece. The Church Of Notre-Dame The Grand. France (1211-1330 gg). The Cathedral in Milan (1836-1856.). Castles in Romanesque style. Classicism. France. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Saint-Petersburg. (1712-1733 years). Westminster Abbey in London (1245-1745 gg). The Art Of Ancient Egypt.

“Gothic architecture” – a Tower with a spire above the crossing, increase the height of the Cathedral up to 108,5 meters, was built in 1765-1769, and the facade was finished in the XIX century. Milan Cathedral — the largest establishment of Gothic architecture in Italy. Gothic architecture. The Gothic Cathedral is always perceived as a living being, in the eternal growth that fast, it is barely noticeable.

“The architectural style of the Baroque” – Baroque in architecture. Ilinsky, Ramensky district, Moscow region Teacher Medvedeva Irina Yurievna. Temple Borisii Gleb Zyuzin built in 1688 in the style of “Moscow Baroque”. Germany. Moscow Epiphany Cathedral. Unusual temples Naryshkin or Moscow Baroque. Dresden.

“The Gothic style” – Construction began in 1163, and ended in 1345. France. 5 buttresses, with flying buttresses, is visible on the left corner of the buttress. The Intercession Of The Virgin Mary. The Cathedral was built in early Gothic Cathedral in Coutances, France. Main features. Gothic (cross) vaults of Saint-Chapelle. The buttress. The Gothic style. Gothic small caps.

“Baroque architecture” – the Huge Windows and portals. And lamb heads, twined lace, …But before the beauty of the building and the facade Faded and the fountain, the marble, and the enclosure. Wavy wall. Materials for the lesson MHC in grade 11. Cupids, monogram, interwoven secretly, Columns, capitals, pilasters and arcades you See everywhere, which will not throw views, patterns, and carving cornice under the roof.

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