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Underground pyramids in Crimea

The topic is close to me. Ran into her in the study of its main themes – Poisk little-known mineral springs.Usually they are in the area Energeticheskiy posts. And in many places their

the location was discovered or newly built the pyramids,or the traces of ancient constructions in piramidalniy form. So it was in the suburbs and in the Tver region.Crimea

Mysteries of the Crimean pyramids

In the expedition I was invited by an old friend. Called and said: “There is a possibility for a week to ride to the Crimea. Are you going?” – Food! – I replied hastily, fearing that if you start to flirt, I’ll call another. – What to look for will.

– The pyramids.

“Holy shit! I thought. – Well, what in Crimea pyramid. May have heard wrong and go to Egypt?” Gently ask again. No, still the Crimea. Well, the Crimea because of Crimea. Too bad. Serge is still my dress size said. Said that the good sponsor who organized this expedition, took care even about the gear. To my silent question, why is money, eh, nowhere to go, Serge answered:

– The rich have their quirks. But I think, wants to be famous.

Pyramidal syndrome

What the rich have their quirks, I’ve heard more than once. But that such! Our rich sponsor and we have never seen, they were treated kindly but seriously.

To train us podozritel cart items: bright backpacks with brand jackets, boots and caps. And a lot of various things – from a flashlight, which is mounted on the head, to disposable tableware. The latter was clearly too much: who in the campaign so barstool? One can see, our sponsor is no has no idea about what tourists eat and what to cook on the fire. Yeah a gift horse in the teeth do not look. Loaded in Sevastopol train and go.

Except me and Sergey in the expedition was another guy – Ivan-climber. The others were supposed to join us on the spot.

Did a little organizational meeting, at which Sergey told about the purpose of the expedition. As it turned out, our sponsor name is Andrei Mikhailovich – “Mikhalych”. According to Serega, Mihalich read in a national newspaper near Sevastopol local pathfinders found strange underground structures similar to the pyramids. The reporter excitedly told about the discovery, about how he descended into the pyramid, considered the old clutch, took samples of rocks. The lowest point underground of the pyramid he had not reached the rope is not enough.

– Mikhalych out on the pyramids turned a little, – summed up Sergey. He Egyptian pyramids were peeling, and some Mexican. And even in their small garden was built, type of greenhouse, cucumbers in it grows and says that they grow extremely fast. Myself for hours in it sitting on a bench, a newspaper person reads charges. Presumably, the bright head of our good uncle has any idea about the Crimean pyramids. Again, the opening can be done. In short, we were going to go down to open the pyramid upside down to get to the top and take pictures of everything.

“Sphinx” with a “hole” in the head

In Sevastopol we were greeted and taken far outside the city. Sea we are only in the window of the van saw. To live we had all the camp rules: not in the hotel and in a tent, cooking food in a pot over the fire, and to prepare for the ascent to the contrary, that is, to descend into the earth. In the place of the alleged pyramids were already waiting for us local enthusiasts. The men were former geologists that the last time I do a search for water. So one day looking-looking, and came upon a subterranean cavity of unknown origin – the device showed a powerful microwave radiation. Began to study. All this is linked with the energy of the cosmos, the movement of the planets and came up with a whole theory, according to which the Crimean Peninsula is almost the same as that of Egypt, especially as the ancient tribe of the Taurians, who inhabited the once Crimea has Egyptian roots.

Calculated that near Sevastopol of such pyramids has at least seven pieces. Cunning device showed that the detected object is at a depth of about 10 meters – the side of the pyramid is 72 meters, the estimated height of 45 meters. The ratio is 1:1.6 – “the Golden section”!

Using data obtained with the instrument, drew the pyramid. The figure next to her stood a large head with a hole on top. “Sphinx!” explained peasants. “Hole” in the head “of the Sphinx” was not far from the supposed apex of the pyramid. Began to examine his find, punched a pit-the pit and down inside the ladder. All they managed to dive to 38 meters. Next was a blockage. Had to dig, but had neither the strength nor the means.

Down the ladder

Sevastopol prospectors, inspired unexpectedly arrived via two Russian capitals, gave us a Royal reception. We didn’t have to urdovitsa to install on rocky ground tent, kindling a fire and cooking dinner. “Rest-rest!” – was told to us, and we with a clear conscience sunbathed all day in the April sunshine. And in the evening when it got cold, all snuggled by the fire. The owners told the story of his research and how children were glad that someone else is interested in their opening. “Only around skeptics and charlatans!” – they complained. Skeptics have twisted a finger at a temple. And charlatans used the opening in the purposes: to the pyramid arranged pilgrimage tour, “healed” from all ills. Helped – good! Was not sore – well, then, blame, not yet matured to take how miracle.

Mihalich and his Moscow colleagues arrived to the place of our landing the next day.

The hole in the pyramid was not only cloaked from prying eyes by the branches and debris, but also firmly nailed on the formwork thick boards. When they were removed, from the depth of feeling a chill. Not here pronounce the word “grave” because it is not. And the decor – a bright Sunny day, gentle breeze from the sea – does not tally with grim pictures of “this” world.

To start was thrown into the pit a few stones, but the sounds of their fall to the bottom not heard. Lowered on a rope and a flashlight. He described the monotonous limestone walls, and a few meters disappeared in the darkness.

Began to prepare for the dive. “Dress warmly!” – admonished us natives. Shoved in the pockets of all the Essentials: matches, crackers, chocolate, a flask of water. On the head – a warm knitted hat on his forehead – flashlight. Gloves with special coating on the palms. It seems, everything. The heavy rope ladder slid down the well, and the drum began to unwind.

Crimean finding older Cheops

I went down the third and last. That is extreme. In such cases, the word “last” is not pronounced. The interval between us – three meters.

The staircase moves as living under the weight of our carcasses. After 10 minutes on its oscillations do not pay attention, clinging like a monkey, ropes for stairs and catches the crossbar. Lift up your head and see a piece of the spring sky far, far away.

We already passed a narrow passage, and then up to 12 metres we opened a wall. Clearly man-made (or man-made – according to one version, this is the work of aliens from extraterrestrial civilizations). Blocks of white limestone. According to the surveyors who conducted the spectral analysis of samples taken in the pyramid, Sevastopol find will be older sisters of Giza.

Can’t say that this pyramid: from the inside not to understand. But some oddities were noticed. First, immediately denied the flash in the camera and from the light with a directional beam of light to sense was a little. Secondly, a cotton silence in which you hear only yourself, and that’s bad. Reach out to the side, snap your fingers, and click hear. Third, complete loss of orientation in time. Cell phone, of course, didn’t work. And stilled at the start of clock! But in my head full clarification. I remembered some details long forgotten. They swam near the waves, manifested itself in the consciousness and left again. Something like that I felt, when deep into the corridor of the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. Mystery!

Dig from the fence till dinner

Hard to tell how much time had passed when I felt that the guys pulled from below stairs: the signal meant “Land!” Fell them in his hands, I looked around. The arch in the form of a dome, in the centre a hole through which we descended. “Sala” – passages in the caves. Stone and dust everywhere white cloud. Our work, we have raised! The building, apparently, has great size, but no way. If you believe the estimates of the discoverers, to the base of at least 7 meters, which means that you can reach it and get the evidence we can’t. Down here, it became abundantly clear that, until the opening of the far. All we found was a small area of the foreign breed, seemed a step projecting from the wall of the mine. If you include imagination, we can take it for a fragment of the facing of the pyramid.

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