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Gothic architecture.
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Gothic rebus

One of the most beautiful buildings of Paris, praised by Victor Hugo, the legends and myths. A mystical image of Notre-Dame-de-Paris became an international symbol of the middle Ages, where magic is intertwined with faith and the deeper meaning of the true doctrine eternally encoded in the unique sculptures and stained glass Windows.

Notre Dame Cathedral, a magnificent structure, is able to simultaneously accommodate up to nine thousand members, is built on the Western edge of the île de La Cité in the XII century.

1. On the site of a pagan temple

For a thousand years before Christ there lived a small Gallic tribe. 400 years later the Romans came here, for which island surrounded by the waters of the Seine, was a natural fortress. On the spot where now stands the Cathedral, they erected the temple of Jupiter.

When the pagan gods fell under the onslaught of the Christians, the site of a pagan temple erected the Basilica of Saint Stephen – the first Christian Church of Paris. A few centuries later instead began to build a huge Cathedral with a height of 35 meters and a length of 140 meters. But to this day in the heart of Notre Dame there is a passage leading into the gallery, consisting of stone bas-reliefs that depict ancient gods. It is they who in his time adorned the temple of Jupiter, and after that became the basis for the Foundation.

According to legend, the necessary engineering knowledge to build such colossus were brought by the knights Templar from 1128 Vostokov year. They say that they settled in the underground premises of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, discovered documents that contained the secret knowledge of the Hebrew, namely, the Divine laws of numbers, weights and measures. The Templar handed them over to the fraternities associated with the order, so that they can benefit from the knowledge in the construction of building structures. Thus, the Templars did the architects of Gothic cathedrals spiritual heirs of Hiram, the mythical founder of the temple of Jerusalem.

“Golden number” – 1,618, called the Golden section, became the basis for the calculations of the architectural masterpiece. Turning to the tablets of testimony and applying in practice laws are “sacred geometry”, the architects of the Templars came the construction of a divine monument to the glory of the Christian world on French soil.

It is believed that the construction of the Cathedral has also been financed by the knights Templar. Its construction went much of the silver that the temple was mined in America (there is a version that in their wanderings through the world the knights of the order have crossed the ocean and were the first to reach the shores of this continent). Otherwise than still to explain a countless number of brand new silver coins that appeared Templar overnight.

The first Foundation stone of the Cathedral was laid by Pope Alexander III, and the creation of stone wonder it took almost 200 years. Funds for construction were donated by the whole world – from kings to prostitutes. However, the latter gave money secretly with the permission of Church authorities.

The main altar of the Cathedral was consecrated in may 1182 year, and in January 1185 arrived in Paris the Patriarch of Jerusalem officiated at the solemn Cathedral service. To 1315 craftsmen have finished the interior, and in 1345 was put the final point.

Since then, the Cathedral became a place where the most important events: coronations, Royal weddings and the burial of great Frenchmen.

2. A treatise on alchemy

The Cathedral became a place of pilgrimage not only representatives of the Christian world and the medieval alchemists and magicians. They sincerely believed that the building walls was used to encrypt the secret of the philosopher’s stone.

It all started with the fact that in 1230 the Bishop Guillaume ordered the sculptors to decorate the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, a series of bas-reliefs with strange symbols on his sketches. It was rumored that the Bishop thus encrypted key to a secret knowledge of the alchemists. And the one who will be able to decipher the secret symbols, become the owner of the philosopher’s stone, which is able to give eternal youth and turn any metal into gold. According to the legend, the Parisian Guillaume managed to get the philosopher’s stone and hid it in one of the columns of the Cathedral, leaving to posterity some hints, by which it is possible to find a magical artifact.

Indeed, on the stone reliefs of the Cathedral there are occult symbols, are far from Christian themes. One relief depicts the furnace of the alchemists, the other woman points to the crow (the beginning of the Work in the alchemical cryptogram), and another is the knight, pointing to the lion (the symbol of alchemical sulphur), warrior, defeating the dragon (mobile mercury).

Mysterious signs, according to the devoted followers of the order, in the Cathedral are everywhere. Stained glass Windows alchemists believed the book, which contains astrological symbols. For example, in the portal of the virgin Mary in the seven circles depict the symbols of the seven planetary metals. The virgin Mary dressed in a red cloak, beneath which is seen a green garment when it is traditionally supposed to be dressed in blue. It is also interesting that zodiac cycle round Central stained glass window in the pediment of the Cathedral begins not with the sign Aries, as in Western astrological traditions, and from the sign of Pisces, corresponding to the beginning of the Hindu astrological cycle. According to Greek tradition, the sign of Pisces corresponds to the planet Venus.

“Gallery of kings” includes 28 figures of the Jewish kings. While in Scripture there are only 18. Who are these extra people? And suddenly it’s nothing but an astronomical number: the number of shapes matches the number of days in the lunar month.

There is a legend that says that the architects have laid in the construction of the Cathedral “castle of all castles” – a secret element, which supposedly keeps the balance of the structure. If you find a secret point, the Council may crumble like a house of cards.

3. Myths or truth?

About great openwork gate of the Cathedral with iron curly locks there is a mystical legend. They say bicorne the blacksmith who was tasked with this work, was horrified by the fact that not cope with such a difficult task. He then appealed for help to the ruler of darkness. In the end of the transaction the world got an excellent example of the blacksmith’s skill, and the devil – soul of a master. The master was soon brought to the grave of unknown illness.

It is possible that the blacksmith got their secret knowledge from the knights Templar, which, as is well known, knew the secret of not only the extraction of the metal, but its thin handle.

Under the vaults of the Cathedral are buried two of the greatest Christian relics. One of them is the crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ, which in a roundabout way in 1063 came to Constantinople from Jerusalem. He was purchased by a devout king Louis IX from the Byzantine Emperor Baldwin II. Knowing that the relic has crossed the borders of France, dressed in rags Louis IX on foot marched 20 miles, to press to her bosom the precious casket. The crown was taken to Paris and placed in a specially constructed chapel. In 1809, he was translated to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, where he is to this day.

The second relic – one of the nails from the cross on which they crucified Jesus Christ (all of these nails had three or four opinions differ). Another is in the Cathedral of Carpentras, the other two are in Italy.

However, the authenticity of the nail from the Cathedral of Notre Dame Roman Church disputes. All because a nail from the Cathedral of Carpentras is said to have committed many miracles for the Millennium, not rusty. But the French counterpart has long been covered with rust.

4. Remember that wall

The Cathedral became the center of all significant events of the country. On 18 August 1572, took place the wedding of Queen Margot (Margaret of Valois), a Catholic, Henry of Navarre, a Huguenot. In view of this fact the groom in the Cathedral was not allowed, he and the whole ceremony was behind the doors of the building. 6 days after this strange marriage Catholics killed Huguenots in the St. Bartholomew’s day massacre.

On 2 December 1804 at the Cathedral of Notre Dame crowned Napoleon Bonaparte, and after there were prayers, commemorating his victory at Austerlitz and Smolensk.

During the French revolution the tombs and stained glass destroyed. The bells of the Cathedral were melted down into cannon, tombs and tombstones poured in bullets and buckshot.

By order of Robespierre at the statues of the kings of Judah were pulled down head. The Cathedral has equipped the cellar.

In 1831 with the publication of Victor Hugo’s novel the Cathedral was once again the centre of attention of the authorities. In 1832 established a Commission for the restoration of the building.

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