Romanesque and Gothic style
VC connect draperies in interior architecture is defined by the. Windowless space of classical antiquity and little Windows of stained glass during the early Christian era did not require curtains…

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About the most mysterious structure on the planet - gates Tonga
Hi all. Today I wanted to introduce you to one interesting structure. The gate of Tonga is one of the most mysterious and amazing structures on the planet. They are…

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The meaning of the word megalithic

Have associated with special megalithic masonry and anthropomorphic stone sculptures on coming to America the outlying Islands, the emergence of Maori-Polynesian dogs, the spread in Polynesia 26-chromosomal cultural American cotton and sweet potato, bottle gourd and several other American elements in the Polynesian flora, including freshwater reeds of totora on Easter island and chili peppers, which met in Polynesia European seafarers.

Go to the courtyard and wait in the middle, between the fountains, wait and take your time, look around carefully – you will see that we were able to create two hundred years ago, but Peppelman wasn’t even the star of the first magnitude, nobody considered him a sort of German Bernini, is just a talented architect with good taste, his disciples and followers were not worse – Kneffel, say, or Schwartz, who completed the bell tower of the Hofkirche, – now, I say, look closely, damn you, and compare it with the current megalithic misery that gromozda all these trusty, crazy and speedy!

But the megalithic cult of the platform with a gravel fill,oriented by the sun and lined with expertly carved and fitted the plates, i.e. the platform, the masonry of which is as perfect as in the early period of the Passover, are found in many areas of Peru pre-Inca period, from the valley of Cuzco and Rumi-the Kolka to Ollantay-Tambo and Tiahuanaco.

The ancestors of the Aymara were involved in the construction of the akapana pyramid and other megalithic structures, Tiahuanaco is the most important pre-Inca religious center of America, arose on the banks of lake Titicaca.

The biological plan is a platform, a megalithic slab upon which the nation is rebuilt.

Therefore, it begs another explanation: the worship of Seitas — an echo of the ancient beliefs of the builders of the megalithic structures.

Walk among overturned and half-buried megalithic blocks Sun city, see someone hitroumnye kind of technique and feel, as America and the Mediterranean like internal approach each other.

The king headed the Kon-Tiki-Viracocha, they first settled on the island of the Sun, on lake Titicaca, then from there came by boat to the South shore, where they erected a solar pyramid, megalithic walls and anthropomorphic monoliths, which still can be seen among the ruins of Tiahuanaco.

On the Islands of Polynesia are found many megalithic monuments: dolmens, majestic, but already ravaged temples, canals.