Dobele castle
Castle and forest In 1729, the last inhabitants left the castle, and it has never lived. The surrounding people noticed it and began to slowly disassemble the walls and buildings,…

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The Church Of The Transfiguration
Picturesque village (and the city with the Magdeburg law) War lies with the highway Cherkassy-Kanev 30 km from the regional center. Unique terrain, where spreads the village is flat, partly…

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Ancient structures: pyramids

Our ancestors had access to some mysterious knowledge and technology, through which millions of years ago were erected indescribable beauty of ancient structures. On what basis and who built them is unknown.

Tibetan pyramid

All heard a lot about the famous Egyptian pyramids, but there are other, not less fascinating Tibetan. The most popular among them is mount Kailash. It has a rounded symmetrical top, are characterized by pronounced horizontal and vertical concavities. During the research, the scientists discovered a vertical plane with a height of 1 kilometer, similar to Kozyrev’s mirrors. Some experts assert that the Kailas is not a mountain, and built the pyramid. On top quite often notice glowing orbs, and there time flows differently.

Egyptian pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids are an integral part of the architectural works of art. Often, these ancient structures are associated with the pyramids of Giza – menkaure, Khafre and Cheops. They are remarkable in that they have strictly geometrical, pyramidal form. Their sides oriented to the cardinal points, and walls built at an angle of 50-51°.

The pyramid of Cheops is the largest among the aforementioned structures. It was built on a rocky platform. Iznachalnaya height was 146 meters, but at the moment it has dropped to 139 meters. The length of each face 230 meters. The pyramid was built in the XXVI century BC for the past two decades.

In the process of construction have been used 2.3 million blocks of stone. Binder was not used, as the blocks touch each other. Weight of one block was 2.5 tons, and weighing about 80 tons. For the construction involved 100,000 slaves.

The Mayan Pyramids

Also popular ancient structures like the Mayan pyramids. The most famous among them is the temple-pyramid of Kukulkan. It has the shape of a square, each side of which is 55 meters, the height reaches 25 meters. On the sides are 9 terraces, each of which represents a specific area of the Kingdom of the dead. At the top you can climb four stairs, is divided into 18 spans (the number of months in the Mayan calendar). If you add up all the degrees and 91, and add another 1 at the top, you get 365 – number of days in a year. One theory is: the Kukulkan pyramid was used for astronomical observations, so her parties are located in different sides of the world.

Twice a year at a certain time on the steps from the sun formed a silhouette of a snake, which supposedly moves to the base of the temple. All this lasts for 3 hours 22 minutes. It is also noteworthy that the acoustics of the pyramid is calculated as follows: when someone goes by an external staircase – the sound is converted to the voice of the sacred Quetzal bird.

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