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About the most mysterious structure on the planet – gates Tonga

Hi all. Today I wanted to introduce you to one interesting structure. The gate of Tonga is one of the most mysterious and amazing structures on the planet. They are supplied in the Eastern part of the island of Tongatapu.

It is impossible to imagine that in these remote and desolate places, once lived in peace. And the man? Now in this deserted place is an archaeological reserve. The gates are built in the shape of the letter “P” made of massive blocks, five meters high. It remains a mystery how they managed to move blocks weighing forty-five tons, which was built so strange and amazing building.

Just imagine the surprised faces of the travellers, when in the middle of the 20th century in the Pacific ocean on the island of Tongatapu was discovered is absolutely incredible and amazing building – the Gate of Tonga. You can only guess, as among the thickets, on a tiny island formed a huge stone monument, where there are no stones at all? How they came to be in such remote and isolated places? After all, the closest island located two hundred miles from Tongatapu.

The researchers concluded that blocks, whose age is more than 1200 years, were subjected to thorough cleaning and polishing. But how? To lift these stones, need remarkable strength.The most interesting information is that on the island during excavations archaeologists found no signs of ancient culture, nor tools, nor any of various structures. Nothing!

Many believe that these gates were created by an extraterrestrial civilization. However, no direct evidence is not. During the research, scientists came to the conclusion that most likely it is an ancient Observatory, to calculate the days of solstice and equinox. On this hypothesis they gave information about what the stones were found neat, marking the shortest and the longest day of the year.

I would say more, it is believed that long ago this island was the capital of ancient and unknown civilization. And it’s possible that this gate served as the entrance to the residence of the kings. The only evidence is a mysterious plate, towering nearby, which supposedly served as the Royal throne. But what city is that? What mysterious culture was on the island of Tongatapu? And what is most mysterious, where is she now?

One of the ancient legends proves that through these huge gates you can get to the Great deity who will reward the “lucky” unheard of knowledge. Personally, I would not dare to go there, and that such knowledge can be prohibitive. Another legend says that the gate was built by the ruler of Twittwe, in a sign of truce, his warring sons. A kind of arch symbolized the strength and durability of family ties.

More than 50 years have passed since the opening of the gate of Tonga. And for such a long time on the island and there was no scientific research one of the most ancient designs. Gates Tonga and sow the day, shrouded in mystery and Enigma.

I have my own hypothesis, it seems to me that the portal which could be transported over long distances or to travel in time. Remember how in the movie “Heaven’s gate”.

What do you think? Why do we need such a stone gate on a remote island?

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