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During the reconstruction of the Nesvizh castle have been discovered unknown underground structures

Correspondents BelTA has learned that during the reconstruction of the Nesvizh castle have been found, unknown to the present day underground structure .

The Radziwill Palace, known to many tourists, is famous not only for those buildings, which are located on the earth’s surface, and their cellars, crypts and dungeons. During the reconstruction of the castle, as reported by the supervisor of the restoration work Sergey dromic, it was a new underground structure of impressive size, located under the ramparts and destroyed in the XVIII century. But recently about its existence no one suspected! During the reconstruction was also able to find new collectors, communications, wells; “back to life” two of the underground passage, once providing for the siege of the castle for a long time (they were mentioned in the documents of XVIII century).

Now all structures located under the ground, ready to receive visitors, and over time it will house the exhibition.

As noted by Sergey dromic, reconstruction of the castle was unconventional. The fact that this monument of architecture steriogram the number of unique elements of the XVI-XVIII centuries, presenting a particular interest not only for Belarus but also for other European countries.

During the restoration work were strengthened construction of the Palace, removed the many layers of paint, reminiscent of the once located here sanatorium, restored extant panels, fireplaces, chandeliers and parquet floors. Special care had to work on the restoration of frescoes and stucco. For 8 years managed to restore entire rooms, and some have accurately recreate the interiors (these include, for example, the Fireplace and the Ballroom).

Modern communications: heating, lighting, ventilation – create a certain mode that allows you to put in the castle exhibits, of which there are currently approximately 1200. Here put on display to visitors unique things that belonged to radziwiłł family: crockery, furniture, documents, books, medals; in some rooms there is the furniture, similar to the one that was in the castle nearly a century ago. Guests of the residence can see cluckie zones (representing samples of products Radziwill factories), the products of Naliboki glass and ceramics novomariinskoye. Brought to the Palace and portraits of family galleries of the princely family, adorned the walls of the halls until 1939, later transferred to the museums of Belarus.

The exhibition hosted not only in Palace. For example, in the halls of the town Hall everyone is welcome to get acquainted with the objects of silverware and jewelry master silversmiths from Russia, Poland and Germany XIX – early XX century. It exhibits watches, handbags, monetti, tableware and more. By the way, most of the exhibits dealt the Imperial guarantee sign, represented by a Crescent and crown and fineness mark and the wizard. On the 2nd floor of Sluck gate recreated the interior of a Roman Catholic chapel. You can also get acquainted with the religious buildings of the famous Belarusian family of Radzivills, available on electronic media.

Despite the fact that the reconstruction of the castle was completed, and exhibition halls welcome their guests, searching for artifacts continues. According to Sergey Klimov, the things that belonged to the Radziwills, to find very difficult, and expensive. So, just only in the last three years for the purchase of exhibits in the Nesvizh castle had spent about 2 million dollars, while the reconstruction at a cost of $ 55 million.

This year visited the restored Palace for about 160 thousand people. It is planned that their number will increase to 300 thousand. To create favorable conditions for tourists to the castle opened and in fully working 2 of 50 seats, a cafe and a restaurant. And so the residence remained pleasant memories, for them there is also a store where you can buy Souvenirs.