Who built the pyramids for the Egyptians?
Could the ancient Egyptians to erect their own giant pyramids and palaces? People who only read about these structures in the history books, I guess: Yes. But many of those…

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Cyclopean structures of antiquity
Not far from the ancient Rauza in the wilderness of the forest... there is a wonderful place – these are the ruins of some historical buildings, which consumed the stones…

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The first pyramids were built by the ancient Ukrainians?

The patriots have a new reason to be proud. As it turns out, Ukraine is the birthplace not only of bacon and vodka, but still pyramids. Here they were built earlier than in Egypt. Ukraine is full of peaked structures, like the flower of the sunflower seeds. The pyramids are from the Russian border to the black sea margins. This time of the pyramid discovered near Lugansk, as it should be — randomly, the students in the garden.

The first seven of the pyramids found in Crimea, near Sevastopol, two years ago. Feat Pathfinder made by a local pensioner Igor Goch. It was assumed that the pyramids are ancient jewelry. In excavations have been specialists local geologists. The tops of the ancient buildings were just large stones, but the gold really was found — two grams of a lost tourist ring.

Now Luhansk archaeologists say they’ve uncovered two pyramids and the sanctuary of the pagan God of the Sun. It has nothing to do with the Egyptian RA. The Ukrainians, as they claim, has its own ancient faith — Rovira, and the pyramid — temples of its adherents. Continue reading

Ancient structures: pyramids

Our ancestors had access to some mysterious knowledge and technology, through which millions of years ago were erected indescribable beauty of ancient structures. On what basis and who built them is unknown.

Tibetan pyramid

All heard a lot about the famous Egyptian pyramids, but there are other, not less fascinating Tibetan. The most popular among them is mount Kailash. It has a rounded symmetrical top, are characterized by pronounced horizontal and vertical concavities. During the research, the scientists discovered a vertical plane with a height of 1 kilometer, similar to Kozyrev’s mirrors. Some experts assert that the Kailas is not a mountain, and built the pyramid. On top quite often notice glowing orbs, and there time flows differently.

Egyptian pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids are an integral part of the architectural works of art. Often, these ancient structures are associated with the pyramids of Giza – menkaure, Khafre and Cheops. Continue reading


The Romans adopted from the Greeks all their main achievements, including the steam baths. In the Roman version, they were called the baths. The Romans appreciated the pleasure that gives hot steam. The Roman physician Asklepiad was a follower of Hippocrates in the usefulness of soft paired treatments. His point of view was the idea that in the human body there are little bits that need to move continuously to ensure that the man felt the energy and was able to work. When there is stagnation of these particles as a result of illness or prolonged immobility — it is necessary to give the body a “jolt” in the form of visiting the steam bath, so that these life giving particles again are in motion. As the poet Horace wrote: “Throw me the ball on the marble steps and go to the bath”. No less than the famous ancient Greek poet Ovid in the “Metamorphoses” described his dream to rejuvenate and believed that this will help him a magic tub of hot water.

However, it seems that you with all the imagination can’t imagine the size of Roman baths that were built in those days. According to the testimony of the Roman historian Marcelina, baths in area of space could rival a small city. One big Terma could occupy 12 hectares, and it was far from the limit. The fact that the baths were not only bathing facilities, but also social, cultural, sporting and entertainment facilities. Continue reading